Good Boy Vodka Racing

We pride ourselves not only on our success and professionalism on the race course, but everywhere we go. It doesn’t matter if we are at a race or at a truck stop getting fuel, our team is there to put on a show.

Our crowd pleaser is a custom built 50′ Mystic twin turbine, 4000 hp, fully carbon race boat. The Good Boy Vodka boat can reach speeds of up to 200+mph, making it one of the fastest and most followed boats in the world.

This vessel makes for a fast vodka delivery. With record breaking speed, Good Boy just might be the Worlds Fastest Vodka.

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Our proud sponsor XINSURANCE, receives millions of views a year due to our custom boat wrap. Below are images from one of our latest races.

Millions of Viewers

The Good Boy Vodka boat is seen by millions of prospects at boat races, in magazines, all over social media, and on TV throughout the year.

From our unique fleet of equipment to the toys that go with it, we are sure to put an everlasting memory in the minds of everyone we cross paths with. The tow rig that pulls the boat even has a flat screen tv built into it, and always has something exotic on the back. It could be a Polaris RZR, Lamborghini Aventador S, or even a McLaren F1 to promote.

2022 Racing Schedule
Date Location
May 19 – 22
COCOA BEACH - APBA National Event
June 2 – 4
LAKE RACE - APBA National Event
July 1 – 3
SARASOTA - APBA National Event
July 29 – 31
ST. CLAIR - APBA National Event
Aug 4 – 7
Sept 2 – 4
Sept 23 – 25
CLEARWATER - APBA National Event
Oct 6 – 8
FORT MYERS - APBA National Event
Nov 6 – 13
KEY WEST (WED) - UIM World Championship
Nov 6 – 13
KEY WEST (FRI) - UIM World Championship
Nov 6 – 13
KEY WEST (SUN) - UIM World Championship