Helping Dogs Live a Better life

Sharing The Love

Supporting Our Furry Friends

We’re very passionate about our pups here at Good Boy Vodka. They’ve stood by our sides and have brought us so much love and support over the years. We do all that we can to make sure our dogs get the best so that they can live long, happy lives. We want to make sure we share that love by helping out other dogs and animals to live that way too. 

At GBV we pledge to donate 3% of all profits of every single bottle purchased. Donations will always go to different charities that make it their mission to help animals. That’s something that is very important to us, and something we’re proud to be able to contribute to.

Founder, Alex Pratt and his family have a history of helping animals, and he’d like to continue the tradition within his own company, with the ability to now help animals on a larger scale. 

Giving Back

One Pour at a Time

With every pour, and every good time celebrated, you can now help animals to live better lives. Each purchase gives hope to those who need our help. Since we are an all-American company, we want to celebrate exactly what that means. To us, that means helping those who cannot help themselves.

Giving to an animal shelter means providing a home, a meal, a caring touch to those who would be lost without our help. It means we are making a difference in an animal’s life, contributing towards their health and happiness and making sure they feel loved and cared for.

Our plan is to work with numerous different animal shelters, so be sure to check back in for more information on the organizations we are partnering with. We hope you enjoy Good Boy Vodka, and feel good knowing that you’re giving back to organizations who feel the same way about animals as you do.